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How are your service fees calculated?
How are your service fees calculated?
Written by Sebastian Hermans
Updated over a week ago

Happy Helper will charge you a service fee based on the contact between you and the Helpers.

This fee is based on a percentage of the cleaning price a Helper charges you.

Our service fee is used to cover the following areas:

  • Our customer support, which will be available all day to assist you with anything related to your cleaning.

  • The cooperation with our insurance provider InsureQ. Your home and the helpers are ALWAYS insured during the booked cleaning period.

  • Secure payment processing

  • Continuous recruitment of new Helpers

  • Enabling the evolution of our platform so we can provide you with an even better experience

  • To cover the day-to-day operations and our salaries

The amount of the service fee depends on how often you book a cleaning:

  • Weekly: 15%

  • Every two weeks: 20%

  • One time: 25%

When you book a cleaning, the fees will be shown directly to you and will be calculated based on your total booking.

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