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I am not happy with the cleaning results at home!
I am not happy with the cleaning results at home!
Written by Sebastian Hermans
Updated over a week ago

At Happy Helper, we care that you are happy and deserve great service!

If you are unhappy with the result, we will try to find a quick solution for you. We like constructive conversations and will put your case as the top priority in our support.

In any case we will also discuss this with the cleaner and make sure that this will not happen again in the future.

Quality and improvements on our part require a continuous quality check, which should always guarantee a high quality service.

To better understand your bad experience and be able to act quickly, we suggest the following procedure:

  1. Send us a photo of the areas you consider to be poorly cleaned.

  2. Send a nice message to your helper and ask him/her about the spots that were poorly cleaned. (Please always keep it factual and polite)

You can also contact our support and describe your concern. We will then take care of your case directly!

In any case, we will also contact the Helper to get a comprehensive picture of the entire case.

Good to know: As a technology platform, we unfortunately cannot stop, refuse or refund payouts to Helpers. Therefore, we always hope for good communication and will of course refund the transferred amount if a dispute between you and the helper escalates.

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