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Do I receive an invoice after each booking?
Do I receive an invoice after each booking?
Written by Sebastian Hermans
Updated over a week ago

Yes, after each cleaning you will receive two invoices.

After the helper logs out, two invoices are sent to you in the app and via e-mail.

One invoice comes in the Helper's name, which can then also be used for your tax bill. A second invoice consists of the service fees that Happy Helper charges.

You can always find and download your invoices in your profile. The invoices are always saved for you in the long term, so you have them available for your household expenses or tax bill.

Good to know: In some cases it may take about 24 hours until you receive your invoice and it is displayed in your profile.

On the invoice you will also find all the details of your used helpers, as this can be relevant for your tax bill.

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