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How can I claim a tax reduction?
How can I claim a tax reduction?
Written by Sebastian Hermans
Updated over a week ago

Most people don't know, but cleaning services can be deducted from the tax at a rate of up to 20%.

Up to a maximum of 4.000,00 EUR can be deducted.

This means that you will receive a few free cleanings per year...

Here you can find a useful overview.

When you have completed all the requirements in your tax return, you can download a complete overview of your booked cleaning including a complete cost overview via our app, attach this to the tax assessment and thus save a lot of money and time.

You will receive two invoices after each booking:

An invoice from the Helper: This is relevant for your tax return. In order for it to be legal, the VAT ID of the respective helper will be displayed in this invoice.

An invoice from Happy Helper: unfortunately, our service fee is not tax deductible.

Good to know: You can access, print and use all your bookings in your profile at any time.

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