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Do you want to communicate special requirement for your cleaner?
Do you want to communicate special requirement for your cleaner?
Written by Sebastian Hermans
Updated over a week ago

Our helpers at Happy Helper are professional, semi-professional or student cleaners - however, all helpers are ambitious and trained by us to give you the best result.

Therefore, it makes sense to discuss your expectations with them before the helpers clean at your place for the first time.

Maybe you have a special floor covering or the kitchen consists of acid-sensitive surfaces - normally the helpers will see this directly. However, it never hurts to be informed about this.

Good to know: Our helpers are always insured. If something should happen, you can be sure that the damage will be replaced quickly.

Since no two households are alike, we just want to tell you that you should discuss your expectations with your helper in advance.

This will give you the opportunity to set priorities correctly and express your wishes to the helper. In addition, it may happen that you have booked too few hours, which are not enough for the area of your household. Talk to the Helpers and we will quickly find a solution for you.

Our helpers are happy to receive any feedback and will continuously improve and accept their priorities.

For example, if you need to clean the oven or refrigerator, it is better to plan half an hour more for the booked time. We still try to clean it in the booked time frame.

In addition, we do not recommend cleaning any exterior windows in multi-story buildings due to the risk of falling. Here, the safety of the cleaners takes precedence and is up to each Helper.

Our helpers only bring a few cleaning utensils with them and will mainly use the cleaning utensils provided by you.

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