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Which types of cleaning do you offer?
Which types of cleaning do you offer?
Written by Sebastian Hermans
Updated over a week ago

Our helpers will help you with your normal house cleaning, giving you more time. We have created a checklist for our helpers so that you can quickly coordinate which cleanings should be done.

Our checklist:


  • Vacuum and mop the entire area


  • Clean countertop

  • Clean stove top

  • Clean sink

  • Descale kitchen appliances

  • Empty garbage can

  • Clean kitchen cabinets inside and outside

  • Clean oven

  • Put dishes away

  • Clean refrigerator from the inside


  • Decalcify faucets

  • Decalcify washbasin and shower tray

  • Clean bathtub

  • Clean mirror and shower glass wall

  • Wipe bathroom cabinets inside and out

  • Clean tiles

  • Clean toilet

Bedroom / living room:

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture

  • Clean glass surfaces

  • Dust surfaces and furniture

  • Wipe down all cupboards from OUTSIDE

  • Clean lamps

  • Dust books

  • Wipe down TV, stereo etc.

  • Wipe down bed frame and box

  • Remove bed linen, re-cover

Do you miss a cleaning on the checklist? Then please contact us and we would possibly add the item.

Since no two households are alike, we just want to tell you that you should discuss your expectations with your Helper in advance.This will give you the opportunity to set priorities correctly and express your wishes to the helper.

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