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Which cleaning items shall I provide?
Which cleaning items shall I provide?
Written by Sebastian Hermans
Updated over a week ago

We recommend that you have at least the following cleaning items available for the Helper.

Cleaning supplies:

- All-purpose cleaner**

- Toilet cleaner

- Glass cleaner

- Descaler

- Floor care products (for the respective floor covering)

- Oven and Grill Cleaner**

Cleaning utensils:

- Mop or mopping utensils

- Vacuum cleaner

- Cleaning cloths* and tea towels

- Cleaning gloves

- Sponges

- Bucket

*We recommend that Helpers use a separate cloth for each room or at least one cloth separately for the toilet/bathroom.

**We recommend the products All-purpose cleaner and Oven and Grill Cleaner from Prowin

If you have special cleaning supplies for specially treated surfaces, you must remember to tell the Helper right at the beginning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We advise our Helpers not to use chlorine!

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