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Can I give a key to my dedicated helper?
Can I give a key to my dedicated helper?
Written by Sebastian Hermans
Updated over a week ago

As a customer, it is up to you what arrangements you make with the helpers.

For the first cleaning, it is still advisable to stay at home. However, if a helper comes every week or every other week, you can of course think about giving the helper a second key. Our helpers are insured and checked.

If you give the helper a key, then you are responsible for giving the key to the helper. From our experience, nothing has ever happened in Denmark and giving the helper a key gives the helper more flexibility as they can clean your apartment or house in your absence.

It is also possible to let the helper in personally and leave a key at home when cleaning, which the helper can then leave in your mailbox later, for example when leaving your apartment.

Please note that if you give your Helper a key, you do so at your own risk.

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